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Fredrik Belin

Date of Birth: 2004-03-13

Origin: Falun, Sweden

Merits: Swedish SSP300 Champion 2018

Idols: Bastianini, Bagnaia 

Dreams and Goals: To help young people, on and off the track

My Story

The passion for racing and motorcycles has always been there for me. When I looked through my old albums from kindergarden I found drawings and pictures of motorcycles and legendary riders like Casy Stoner, Valentino Rossi and dirt bike rider Antonio Cairoli. 

My time in school was never easy. I spent a lot of my years without any friends and I was often bullied in school. When I was eight years old I was diagnosed with torettes, ADHD, depression and social disorder. My life at that time was very dark and I was at the very bottom without a feeling of belief in my future. 

I remeber one time I was lying in my bed and I asked my mom "will I ever be normal". My mom answered, "No, but you will fulfill your dreams and become what you want to be". I did not know it at the time, but she was right. 

When I was four years old I started ridning dirt bikes. I fell in love with it. But after some years I stopped. I got scared riding bigger bikes and when the jumps got bigger. Like my dad I have always been a bit scared and very careful. My dad made a joke once and said "You are just not talented". 

"You are just not talented" has become my drive. You don't have to be talented to reach your goals, you just have to work harder than your competitors. 


My dad is not wrong. I have never been talented at anything I do, roadracing included. But I have always had a dream and I have learned to work hard in order to reach it. 

I started with roadracing when I was ten years old. In the beginning me and my dad went around Dalarna county and practiced on go kart tracks. In 2016 I got the chance to ride for Kawasaki Racing Team Sweden. This was a turning point in my life and the first time I felt that someone believed in me and my ability.

My progress from 2016 onwards was clear as daylight. In 2018 I won the Swedish championship at fourteen years old. The next couple of season I kept improving and grew as a rider every year. 

But my progress was not only clear on the track. Roadracing gave me the motivation and the tools to improve as a person outside the track as well, and soon I had both friends and good grades in school. Something that felt so far away only four years earlier was now a reality. 

2021 was the year when I took big steps in both my riding on track and also in my personality. Off the track I started to work as an elite athlete. I got laser focused on my dreams and goals. Now I was seen as one of the biggest Swedish talents in roadracing. 

During the summer of 2021 I got an email from a German world championship team. They wanted me to ride with the worlds fastest riders at the IDM round in Assen. This was a big moment in my career and it showed me that hard work, but more importent, the belief in your dreams can make anything happen. 

My goals for the 2022 season was clear. I wanted to show that I was the fastest talent in Sweden. I also wanted to take the big step outside Sweden and take on the worlds fastest riders in the IDM Supersport 300 class. 

I got to work during the winter with a goal to pay for everything myself, at the age of seventeen. My hard work during the winter paid off and together with my partners I managed to reach my goal. 


The 2022 season was fantastic, I reached my goals and learned a lot both on and off the track. 


But the biggest thing I've learned, as I have now said a lot of times, is that nothing is impossible and you can make your dreams come true. 

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