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Lukas Rörborn

Date of Birth: 2009-05-26 

Origin: Västerås, Sweden

Merits: +30 Victory in SM, Swedish Champion MiniGP

Idols: Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo 

Dreams and Goals: To Win The MotoGP Title






HP: 50



My Story

My name is Lukas Rörborn, I am 13 years old and in seventh grade at the English School in Västerås. Riding a motorcycle is my great passion in life. I have raced Minimoto for 4 years and MiniGP for 2 years. That was the start of my career. Since I started competitive driving as a 7-year-old, I have become Swedish champion five times in the classes I competed in and I have also taken a total of 10 track records on our tracks around Sweden.


Motorcycle riding was in a way the salvation for me when I had a hard time with friends and gangs at school that I ended up outside of and who were mean. Only on a motorcycle did I feel that I could assert myself and feel capable. By doing so well when I was driving and competing, I gained more confidence that I could take with me to school. I started doing better at school and stuck to my most loyal friends who were always there for me. You could say that thanks to the motorcycle riding, school today works very well for me.

 As part of my development and a prerequisite for me to be allowed to ride a motorcycle, my parents have demanded that I attend school and do my best. This is a carrot for me to take care of both on and off the court. What I mean is to be a goal oriented but at the same time humble guy. I have also received help through my home club SMK Västerås to attend courses in mental training. It has helped me focus on the right things during training and competition, both on and off the track. Why I love the sport is not only because of what happens on the track, but also because of all the great friends I have in the pits during training and competition.


My dream has always been to ride a motorcycle internationally. Imagine driving a real MotoGP race!!! One of my intermediate goals for this is to drive Roadracing in Sweden. Now it feels as if my intermediate goal can be fulfilled.


During the 2022 season, my parents gave me a birthday present to get a license to drive on a big track, which I did. I also raced in Moto3 and surprisingly finished fourth in my first race. During the winter before the 2023 season, I received a request from Fredrik Belin to be part of the development team BelinRacing Junior Team as one of two talented drivers. The opportunity I have been given means that I will drive a Kawasaki Ninja 400 in Roadracing's entry-level class Supersport 300 (SSP 300) during the SM season 2023. I will receive valuable help and coaching throughout the season from the team's owner and internationally active driver Fredrik Belin. He himself has been a racing driver for many years and is now investing in an international career, which makes him a great role model and mentor for me.


Having said that, I can only state that I am the luckiest in the world to be a part of this and experience my dream by doing what I think is the absolute most fun I know.


Thilja plåt och smide0002.jpg


Anderstorp banskiss.png

5-7 May
Anderstorp Raceway

28-30 July
Gelleråsen Arena

Linköping banskiss.png

16-18 June
Linköpings Motorstadion

Falkenbergs skiss.png

24-26 August
Falkenbergs Motorbana

+46(0)70-355 01 13

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